Books read in 2018

I have, as usual, been falling behind on my book reviews. I’ve been reading, though, as much as I can while also being a full-time parent to a toddler and attempting to get in as much paid editing work as possible during nap times. I read 58 books last year, which is a fairly significant fall-off from 2017’s 89, for which I blame the fact that I weaned my daughter and thus no longer had several hours a day of being forced to sit still in a chair with nothing to do but read. Of the books I read, a little more than a third were for this project, all of them from the Philippines. I just managed to finish my last Filipino book on December 31, and have now moved on to Brunei, which is a blessedly short list. I also read a fair few books as background for the novel I’m writing: as many books as I could by Black British women, and a few memoirs set in prisons in the UK (and no, I am not writing the book that that sentence makes it seem I am writing). Anyway, only a day a few days a week late, here’s a list of books I read last year, with some brief annotations.

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Monday Miscellany: Three-word reviews

There’s been a lot of stuff lately that I’ve wanted to share, but that doesn’t necessarily fit in with my around-the-world reading project. So I’m introducing a new, (approximately) weekly post, the Monday Miscellany, wherein I pass on whatever I’ve been reading or researching or thinking about. Here are a bunch of very short reviews of the books I’ve read this year that fall outside of the scope of the project (with links to goodreads just in case you want to know more about them than can be gleaned from a three-word blurb).