Les Immémoriaux

Les Immémoriaux (A Lapse of Memory), Victor Segalen, 1907

  • French Polynesia, #1
  • Kindle, french edition, free from amazon.com
  • Read July 2015
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Opening Line: Cette nuit là — comme tant d’autres nuits si nombreuses qu’on n’y pouvait songer sans une confusion — Térii le Récitant marchait, à pas mesurés, tout au long des parvis inviolables.
  • Recommended for: scholars and cynics (and cynical scholars)

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Tu: More Maori identity issues, this time addressed through war

Tu, Patricia Grace, 2004

  • New Zealand, #10
  • Paperback, £0.69 from alibris.com
  • Read June 2015
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Opening Line: Dear Rimini and Benedict, You didn’t deserve ill-humour and rebuff, and I had no right to send you off with empty hearts when all you were asking was to get to know your ‘father’.
  • Recommended for: the insatiably curious and tragically brave

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